Online Appointment System

Goopoint is a new online appointment system. Your customers can make their appointments with you online, on your own website. You save time, while you even increase your service. Your customers are no longer limited to your opening hours and if you cannot pick up the phone at day time your message at the anwsering machine can refer to your website. So your customers will always be able to make an appointment.

Why choose Goopoint?

  • You increase your service to customers by being available 24 hours a day.
  • The system is reliable and very user-friendly.
  • Double bookings will never be a problem, the system checks for availability.
  • You pay a small fee for every appointment made, so you never pay too much.
  • You hardly have to change anything to your current website in order to use Goopoint.
  • The look and feel is completely adaptable to your own house style.
  • Goopoint is multi lingual, including adaptable date and time format.
  • You get your own admin pages to adapt your personal settings.
  • At the backend Goopoint makes use of the popular Google Calendar.