The integration of Goopoint on your site costs temporarely € 100 instead of € 200. We adept the lay-out to your site, and include a menu item that points to the appointment system. We also help you with the use of the Google Calendar.

Price per appointment

You pay € 0.10 for each appointment being made, with a minimum of 50 appointments per month. Every month you will receive an invoice including an specific overview of all appointments. You will never pay too much, since you are billed in correspondence with the given service.

SMS alert service

In order to reduce the number of customers that do not show up, we can send reminders to your customers automatically. These alerts are send by SMS or e-mail at a time you prefer, for example 24 hours in avance. The costs for the SMS alert service is € 0.08 per SMS. The e-mails are free.
All the prices exclude 19% V.A.T.